About Designorati

Designorati.com is a multi-author creative news and information publication updated with fresh content daily. Our archives include more than 800 feature articles, news stories, step-by-step how-tos, and insightful product reviews–a far greater number of articles than even the top industry print periodicals published during the same period.

Our Philosphy

Designorati–as an organization and publication–was founded in 2005 on the simple premise that visual design–graphic design, illustration, typography, Web design, all of it–is about passion. Professional designers have made a vocation of their passion, turned a primal and undeniable drive into a career. They have passion. They have talent. What they often lack, however, is the best information and the wisdom born of experience. Designorati exists to help fill in gaps in working designers knowledge, to offer the hard won advice of career experiences others may not yet have achieved.

Every article published by Designorati is authored by a professional designer with years of experience under his or her belt. When advice is offered, it comes from the real world, from actual successes and failures of in-the-trenches creative professionals dealing with deadlines, clients, vendors, bosses, and taxes.

Are we always right? Of course not. But we are always honest. Every article published by Designorati is open to uncensored commentary from our peers in the professional creative community–from other Designorati, like you. Every article is therefore merely the opening statement in a discussion that encompasses many viewpoints, a dialog to inform and enlighten everyone, a discourse of passions.

Ultimately, Designorati is about the passion of creating, written for and by passionate creative professionals, for the purpose of enabling one another’s passion and creativity.

Who We Are

Designorati.com is a multi-author publication that publishes articles written by a core group–Team Designorati–as well as many talented contributing writers.

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