New York Stories: Field Checking the Cushman & Wakefield Map

Cushman & Wakefield, a real estate firm with international branches, does major commercial work in New York City. In conjunction with the graphics firm CS Designworks, it produces detailed real estate maps of midtown and downtown Manahattan–essentially that part of the island from 67th Street south, with properties color-coded with such attributes as square-footage and useage. It is given out to clients and is available for purchase from the company itself via its website.

Despite getting a great deal of information on new construction and demolition in the City, nothing beats getting down to the gritty streets of the city and checking things out by sight, as a recent New York Times article details:
Suddenly, the researchers began chattering. Was that a site up ahead? Mr. Speyer slowed the vehicle to a crawl. Just a few doors from the Abracadabra Superstore, a large excavation site occupied the north side of West 21st Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, where the buildings with addresses 33 to 41 had recently been demolished.

Ms. Dauro rolled down her window and yelled to the workers, “What are you building?” A construction worker sauntered over to the station wagon and said, “Eighteen stories.” Ms. Dauro pressed him for more information. “Residential,” he replied.

The article is well worth the read to get a view of why some maps get made, and what the makers have to do to see to it that they’re accurate. The human link is still important.

Read the article at the New York Times.

Follow this link to find instructions on how to obtain the map for yourself. The cost is $40; look for the subhead NY MIDTOWN & DOWNTOWN MAPS in the right sidebar.