Google Street View Gallery Open To All

One of the issues and delights surrounding the ever-expanding world of Google Street View is the amazing, odd, and sometimes appalling things caught, sometimes in mid-stride by the Google camera as it was driven through the neighborhoods recorded:

Despite the availability of Google Maps Street View in but a handful of American cities, the mileage traveled by thier intrepid photographers is already more than any seeker can follow in a lifetime–unless singularly obsessesd, perhaps.

Well, there’s good news! A company called LoudonTech has done you and us and everyone we know a favor by mounting an online Google Street View Gallery community:

Below is a huge list of links and pictures of the best interesting sites and places people have found using Google Maps new Street View feature. If you have found some interesting Google Street View sightings, please post them! Be sure to click on the “Top 500″ tab to see sightings with the best reviews. You don’t have to be a member to vote, so, go for it!

There you have it–free to join, free to play, you don’t have to even register to vote. And if you do have this sort of obsession, here’s a playground for you.

We rate this site five starts for a potential waste of your valuable billable time!