Ork Posters – Neighborhoods As Typographic Art

There is not a lot of neighborhood information in the maps published as posters by Ork Posters–just lines, cities divided into compartments filled with DIN Engschrift type. They sort of ask you to create your own truth for them … or at least get lost in the play of plain type and shapes.

Ork Designs Chicago

A section of the Ork Poster neighborhood map of Chicago, from screenshot (design copyright Ork Posters)

According to the press info, the designer, Jenny Boerkrem, was looking for a Chicago neighborhoods map–but wanted something different:

By ditching the ‘vintage, illustrated’ look of traditional neighborhood maps, Ork designs its posters in a style characterized by originality, simplicity and modernity

The results (as can be seen in the illustration above) are rather refreshing in a less-is-more, find-your-own-truth way. If you like the idea of interesting shapes and type labels being liberated for energetic play–and really if you just like expressive maps with an adventurous point-of-view, you’ll like Ork Posters.

The press info goes into a bit more depth, putting the aim very well:

Ork’s design deduces each neighborhood to a certain ‘one-ness’, forgetting the stereotypes and differentiations, and reminding us that we, and our areas of living, are part of one larger community. Extending this idea, Ork hopes its line of posters not only function as a map, but also expand one’s sense of community beyond that of our immediate surroundings

They run $22 per copy, and so far come in editions for Chicago, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Boston, and San Francisco. To purchase and to check availability (and to see the Ork Posters line) go to http://www.orkposters.com.