Site To See: Historic City Maps

The site at, simply titled Historic Cities, endeavors to digitize and mount for online display historic maps of historic cities for all to access, enjoy, and use.

From the site’s About Us page:

This site is a joint project of the Historic Cities Center of the Department of Geography, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Jewish National and University Library. The project was made possible by a generous grant of the Council for Higher Education in Israel – Planning & Budgeting committee (VATAT).

The site is intended to contain maps, literature, documents, books and other relevant material concerning the past, present and future of historic cities and to facilitate the location of similar content on the web.

The site is well-organized and intuitive to browse. Maps from as early as the 15th Century are available, and the list of countries covered include Albania and Yemen, Belarus and Germany, even one from the US (Saint Augustine).

The site also solicits contributions from visitors.

It’s all available now at Historic Cities.