Map Projections for One and All

Site supported by Illinios state and powered by a passion for maps and maths has PD PDF content

1320051224Airy.jpgA section of the Airy Minimum-error Azimuthal projection graphic available at the Map Projection Gallery (courtesy Map Projection Gallery)

Simple drawings of map projections can be hard to find (the finding of a Mercator display for an illustration for a past article here was something of an adventure). Paul B. Anderson FCCS (USN Ret), saw this need and used his passions and love for mathematics and maps to fill the void.

The site, the Map Projection Catalog, is the result of his happy toil. Currenly online and in the public domain are a total of (currently) 317 different projections, from the well-known to the historical and obscure, posted as PDFs downloadable for everyone.

Intended as a resource for educators and researchers, the files are optimized for printing from web browsers. Made in QuickBasic 4.5 then imported into Corel DRAW! as “*.plt” files, they went through final editing there before being exported as 300 DPI PDFs, which can be imported as vector drawing files to the newer versions of Adobe Illustrator, Corel DRAW!, and Macromedia FreeHand, to be used as bases for further maps and drawings.

The service is offered is free of charge, a true labor of love.

(via The Map Room)