Map Keys 2006-04-21

This edition: Online Map Wars!; Yahoo Maps has Satellite Views.

My May Can Beat Up Your Map

Perhaps it needn’t be said that online mapping services (Yahoo, Mapquest, Google) have gone over big amongst net users. CCAer observes that this article in Forbes magazine notes that online map use overall is up 20%, and the big winner, despite the earlier arrival of the other two, that Mapquest is still king, drawing 46.4 million users–more than Google (19.1 million) and Yahoo! (20 million) combined.

Content providers are also winning out; Navteq, which supplies data to both Microsoft and Mapquest, had revenues of $497 million, up more than a quarter from the same time last year.

Yahoo-Now With Satellite Images

Also new this last Week: Yahoo! now has satellite photos, following the lead of Google Maps. Yahoo! goes it better, they say, touting resolution of as fine as 1 meter per pixel, claiming supremacy in the resolution war.

Various opinions of the quality of Yahoo!s images abound; the jury seems still to be out on this one.

(also via CCAer)

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