Frozen Photographic Expedition to the Bottom of the World Yields Breath-Taking Visuals

In early December, editor-in-chief Jeff Schewe travelled aboard an icebreaker ship through Antarctic waters to capture hundreds of stunning and humbling images of the frozen–and not so frozen–bottom of the world.

Antarctic Expedition: Photo by Jeff SchewePhoto by Jeff Schewe

You don’t need to be a photographer to appreciate the results of Jeff Schewe’s adventure through Antarctica with pals and fellow Photoshop pros Thomas Knoll, Seth Resnick, and forty others. Coining the term “gigage,” Jeff documented the adventure and the raw beauty of Antarctic scenery and wildlife in more than 100 gigabytes of digital photos. Some of the highlights are presented in this PhotoshopNews.comAntarctic Trip Report,” and followed by a more detailed accounting with dozens more shots in this album.

Take a few moments out of your end-of-year rush to enrich your creative’s soul and imagination. Stop and smell the roses–er, icebergs. You’ll be glad you did.