T-Shirt Artist Collective/Forum Takes Flight

Take to the skies with this first collection of pop art t-shirts released by Ten Bills entitled “First Flight.”

Ten BillsTen Bills takes Flight


January 1, 2006 marked the debut of Ten Bills, a noteworthy creative portal that showcases the finest thought-provoking examples of what has become pop art for the 21st century — t-shirts!

Ten dollars will give you your choice from the initial offering, a 12-shirt series entitled, “First Flight.” The urban flair of these stylish tees embraces the conceptual and exciting nature of flight, the designs of which range from poignant to energetic… reflective to pulsating… playful to epic. With careful color choice and a keen eye for design and edge, the creators of Ten Bills ensure a look that is suited for more than just jeans!

But t-shirts are just the first layer. Strip away the clothing to reveal the body and soul of Ten Bills. At its core, Ten Bills is a community of illustrators, designers, music fans, art lovers and free-thinkers alike, where interactive features such as their “Backseat Artist” leave an unprecedented amount of control and influence in the hands of users from around the globe. In this way, Ten Bills utilizes a forum to allow members of the site to play art director and provide input on the growth and development of a t-shirt design.

For more information, visit www.tenbills.com.