Freeware Friday:Cyberduck-FTP for Mac OS X

This free little duckie will help you waddle the FTP pond painlessly and graphically

IThe Cyberduck IconThe Cyberduck Icon

Are you using Mac OS X? Are you on dialup? Do you have poor connectivity? Do you find the CLI version of FTP irritating and confusing to use?

Is that what’s getting you down, bunkie?

Well, don’t be down any more! David V. Kocher is here with Cyberduck, the whimisically-named graphically-intuitive open-source FTP/SFTP client for OS X 10.3.9 and later. This has two eminiently redeeming features: it’s absolutely free of charge, and works like a charm.

The current build, 2.5.5, is a Universal binary, so it will run on your MacIntel, and is localized for more languages (including Catalan, Welsh, Thai, and Hebrew) than you can shake a stick at. Setting up bookmarks is quick and simple, connecting to your FTP sites requres merely a double-click in the Bookmarks tray, abundant feedback is provided as to upload/download progress, and if you have problems with connections dropping (as most of us dialup users are prone to), Cyberduck allows you to pick up right where you left off–a real sanity-preserver on those 18.3 MB layout uploads!

Uploading is a breeze–after navigating to the destination folder in the Cyberduck GUI (which is the model of clarity itself), simply dragging the file into the folder content display is all that’s required to get the upload started. Uploads can be stopped and restarted later at any point and as many times as needed.

I’ve been using this bit of magic for over two years now and have yet to have a major problem with it, and can’t but recommend that you get this if you need to FTP but, for some reason or another, just can’t live with the Unix command line version.

And, as I mentioned, the price is right: Free! Licensed under the GPL.

Get it (7.9 MB Multiligual build or 4.2 MB Unilingual in any one of the covered languages) at