Toys “R” Us Logo Redesign Doesn’t Mess Too Much With Success

The American toy giant Toys R Us have, recently, performed a gentle remodeling of its iconic logo, as illustrated following:

Toys R Us logo Before and After

Above: The logo before; Below: The logo after.

The redo, which was quietly rolled out fairly recently, has updated the old look but hasn’t disposed of the features of a trusted classic style. The old elements are all there–the star, the colors, the wacky type–but with different attitudes. The type, which was before of a uniform height, varies from slightly larger to slightly smaller. Some of the shapes of the old letters were altered, but only just a little bit. The star around the backwards R has contracted into the counter of the R, which inherits the blue of the star in favor of previous yellow, and, most notably, the quotation marks around the famous backwards R have gone. All the characters have been kerned into one big happy jostling family.

The result is a logo which is more visually appealing due to a subtle simplifying and streamlining brought on by the above changes. What’s more important that what has been changed is what hasn’t been; the general appearance of the famous logo with the wacky type and colors has been largely untouched; the colors of the logo – save the yellow of the R – are much as before.

What has in fact happened is a minor accentuation of the graphic elements which connoted activity and fun. Certain features of the logo have been scaled, but they haven’t messed with what makes the Toys R Us look its look.

There’ve been a number of notable historic logo revisions lately, perhaps most notably the new Holiday Inn identity, which did away with the classic look entirely. Toys R Us illustrates that it can be possible to update a memorable look but retain the classic styles which made it memorable.

(H/T to Under Consideration’s “Brand New” Blog, and The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks)