About: Designorati:In-House

Established September 2005

Designorati:In-House is intended as a resource and road map for creative professionals working from within the corporate office structure to communicate your company’s message to the outside world. With few direct resources available for the in-house designer, Designorati:In-House will try to fill that gap by collecting and commenting on issues most important to the corporate creative.

In-house designers are hired because of their strong conceptual sense and ability to execute the needs of the company more efficiently than the person requesting the project. Producing effective design on little direction while meeting shortening deadlines can be daunting, so Designorati:In-House will focus on providing or pointing to solid articles which can make the job easier.

Managing your own projects or dealing with micromanagers without losing your cool, finding inspiration between the walls of your cubicle, sharing and learning from your peers online or in the break room, even troubleshooting your computer (or your neighbor’s iPod) are all subjects Designorati:In-House will address.