QuarkXPress 8 Is Coming

Quark 8 screen

So last week I received an e-mail from Quark announcing QuarkXPress 8, the next major upgrade for the venerable desktop publishing software. I think Designorati’s relationship with QuarkXPress has been tenuous at best, including this “Quark Quitting Desktop” rumor that came out a couple months ago that didn’t pan out. Despite all that, I am not looking for Quark to quit the game because they’ve helped make desktop publishing what it is and they still have a good product.

Anyway, click here to read Cyndie Shaffstall’s 29-page article on Quark 8’s newest features. You can also click here for Quark’s newest promotion: buy version 7 now and upgrade to version 8 for free when it comes out (which, according to Macworld, will be in the next couple months). You can also read about the first impressions of Quark 8 at CreativePro.com via QuarkVsInDesign.com.