QuarkXPress Reviews

Do you want to purchase a layout application, but you are not sure which one you want to go for? If you are looking at QuarkXPress the reviews below might help you make a judgment.

Here is a collection of reviews from several sites. Some of them review QuarkXPress 6.x and others review the yet unreleased QuarkXPress 7. Unless you are using a Mac and need to run QuarkXPress on OS X, it might be better to wait until Quark 7 is relesead for an upgrade from earlier versions.

The reviews

Gene Gable, creativepro.com contributing editor says:
There’s a lot to say about XPress 7.0, and for most users it’s worth waiting for, if only to evaluate. Quark understands that this is a critical upgrade and knows that our collective patience is running out. Consequently, this isn’t a case of tacking on a few new features to XPress. It’s about a wholesale makeover that, if it works, preserves the things that made XPress such a success, while still moving the needle toward collaborative, automated, and fully integrated publishing processes.Read the full review.

IT Reviews states:
Quark XPress holds a warm place in the heart of many journalists and layout artists. It’s been around for well over ten years (a lifetime in computing terms) and has built up an army of satisfied users. It’s very likely indeed that most newspapers, magazines, pamphlets and posters you see will have been designed using Xpress.
Read the full review.

Terri Stone’s review of QuarkXPress 6.5 at MacWorld: While most changes in the QuarkXPress 6.5 update are too minor or specialized to have much impact, a new image-editing XTension, QuarkVista, may bring about a major change in your workflow. QuarkVista lets you alter images in your layouts without opening that behemoth, Adobe Photoshop.
Read the full review.

MacWorld also describes some of the new features of the yet unreleased version of QuarkXPress, version 7. Read their article: Quark Promises Greatness in XPress 7.

Last, but not least, here is my own article, QuarkXPress 6.5, The Review.

The Quark vs InDesign Contest

Surely, if you have heard about Quark, you have also heard about InDesign. Some people swear by QuarkXPress, others swear by InDesign. If you want to follow this epic DTP battle, have a look at Quark vs InDesign, a website wholly dedicated to the two publishing giants.