InDesign Reviews

Do you want to purchase a layout application, but you are not sure which one you want to go for? If you are looking at InDesign these reviews below might help you make a judgment.

Here is a list of InDesign CS2 reviews from other sites. Adobe’s layout program is proving to be a powerful competitor of QuarkXPress. How many upgrading users will stick to QuarkXPress and how many will switch to InDesign? The release of QuarkXPress 7 might come too late considering the impressive features of the already released InDesign CS2. Find out about InDesign’s features in these reviews.

The Reviews

Pariah Burke, both Designorati’s Chief Editor and Quark VS InDesign Editor, shows you the 10 top features of InDesign CS2 on Quark Vs InDesign. He says:

We’ve been biting our tongues for months—in my case, for more than two years—about all the incredible features in InDesign CS2. Now that Adobe has officially announced it, we can finally speak.
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Keith Gildert in states:
InDesign CS2 is definitely a major upgrade, with additions and enhancements that emphasize efficiency. Some new features will elicit oohs and ahs from designers, and some are powerful productivity enhancers that can make a real difference in your workday.
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Terri Stones, in MacWorld, has reviewed both QuarkXPress and InDesign. I mentioned his review of QuarkXPress elsewhere in this site. Here is what he says about InDesign CS 2:
“Efficiency” and “productivity” may not turn heads. But what about “fewer keystrokes to accomplish repetitive tasks” or “fewer nights in the office”? That’s what Adobe’s aiming for with the latest InDesign.
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Katy German on PC world states:
Make no mistake: Page layout involves a lot of repetitive work. Compositors and designers cut, copy, paste, apply styles, tag images, and so on–thousands of times a day. While Adobe Systems’ Creative Suite 2 as a whole has refined its workflow (particularly with the addition of Bridge, the new asset manager), in InDesign CS2 the company has focused on reducing the steps for repetitive tasks. An early look at a beta version of the app seems to indicate that it has succeeded.

Adobe’s InDesign CS2 Several improvements streamline the layout process, including finer control options for text and paragraph styles and more tools for object manipulation. Text editing is more word processor-like; with tools like drag-and-drop text editing, as-you-type spell checking, and support for footnotes (either in an imported text file or created in InDesign).

You also have greater control over what comes in when you import text files, with enhanced options to map or rename styles.
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QuarkXPress or InDesign?

As I said at the beginning of this article, InDesign is proving to be QuarkXPress’ biggest competitor. A comprehensive coverage of this DTP match can be found in Quark vs InDesign.