In-Source, an Online Home for In-House Creatives

Insource :: An Association of Corporate Creatives, is a great online resource for all of us in-house designers working with a longing eye toward what seems to be the promise land of agency or freelance design.

With largest segment responding to the AIGA/Aquent Survey of Design Salaries 2005 being in-house designers, it seems that what we do is becoming more and more of a recognized role for creatives. Companies are seeing the need to keep their talent within arms reach, which benefits us greatly.

According to the survey, in-house designers at all levels are making about the same, and in some cases more, as their out-of-house siblings. We also benefit from “little” things like relatively consistent schedules, dependable insurance plans, and savings and profit-sharing plans.

With all the information online for creatives of all types, the least represented is the in-house designer, so having a group like In-Source devoted to making our corporate lives better really makes a HUGE difference.