Torino 2006 Olympics Logo

Olympics logo

Want to know what’s behind the Torino’s Olympics logo? Designorati’s “Made in Italy” Editor will tell you

Torino is a magnificent city, theater of a lot of Italian history. First capital of Italy in 1861 when the country was still a kingdom, it now hosts the 2006 Winter Olympics games. While pollution has certainly harmed the citiy in many ways, it still remains a beautiful place to visit.

One of Torino’s must-sees is the Mole Antonelliana, the 167.5-meters-tall Torino’s symbol. Inspired by this awesome building, designed by Italian architect Alessandro Antonelli, is the 2006 Winter Olympics logo, designed by the Italian studio Benincasa-Husmann, based in Milan. The logo won an international competion amongst more than 1300 submissions.

Torino'sTorino’s Mole Antonelliana was built between 1863 and 1889

Torino’s architectural work of art becomes a snow montain aiming toward the top, the place where the participants of Olympics Games want to be. Yet the ice crystals not only represent the Mole Antonelliana, but they also form a web, symbol of technology and also of the connection amongst the different cultures that are united by the Olympics, even if they are rival on the snow.

The logo also strives to communicate:

  • City/culture — mountain/nature relationship
  • Transparency
  • Dynamism
  • Design and technology
  • A young look

More about the logo can be found here.