Changing the Output Page Size in your Layout App

Recently, I was asked by a reader how to change the output page size in InDesign on a Mac. Although my response is Mac-centric, it’s by no means limited to graphics applications on the Macintosh. Following these directions, one should be able to change the output page size from any application on any OS.

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I have been researching a question I thought you might be able to answer. Can I create and print custom pages (and if yes, HOW) from Adobe InDesign CS to an Epson Stylus Photo 1280 on a Mac running OS 10.4.5? Epson says it’s determined by the application (i.e., InDesign) and I read somewhere that Mac OS X doesn’t even support custom pages. Adobe wanted $40 for tech support, which suggests that they might know something. I’d greatly appreciate any help you could offer.

Dean from Michigan

Hi Dean

Since I have neither InDesign CS on my system nor an Epson Stylus Photo 1280, I can’t be positive that the following suggestions will work for you. However, I am running Mac OS X 10.4.5 with InDesign CS2 and an Epson Stylus Photo R200, so I believe these will help get you the desired effect.

You should be able to change your output Page Size with your existing printer driver set-up (assuming it’s the Epson printer driver installed with OS X, an updated version downloaded from Epson, or the one which came with your printer’s install CD) or with a 3rd Party printer driver, such as Gutenprint (formerly known as GIMP-Print). I’m also assuming you have your printer correctly set-up in the Printer Setup Utility which ships with OS X.

Default Epson Printer Driver

With your document open in InDesign, select Print to bring up the Print Dialogue window. In the Printer drop-down menu, select the printer you want to use, in this case the Epson Stylus Photo 1280, then select the Setup dialogue from the menu at the left. 

Paper Source Defined by DriverA drop-down menu of preset page sizes provided by the default Epson Printer Driver, as well as an additional option called Defined By Driver.

In Setup you’ll see a drop-down menu of preset page sizes as well as one option called Defined By Driver. To Define your page size using the Driver, click on the Page Setup button at the bottom of the dialogue screen. Clicking past a warning which may pop-up, you’ll see the Page Setup dialogue window where you can change a number of things, one of which is the Page Size. 

Page Setup showing Page SizePage Setup dialogue window where you can change the Page Size.

There will be a list of preset page sizes in this drop-down menu, but at the bottom should be an option to Manage Custom Sizes. Select this option and a Custom Page Sizes dialogue will appear. If this is a custom page size you expect to use regularly, you can make sure it appears in the future by clicking on the (+) on the left side of the dialogue, naming the Page Size, then defining it in the dialogue window.

Once defined, click OK to go back to the Page Setup dialogue and select the Page Size you’ve just created. Clicking OK again will take you back to the InDesign’s Print Dialogue window where your newly defined Page Size should be applied to your project.

Expanded list of Page Size options with GutenprintThe Gutenprint Print Driver provides an extended list of Page Size options.

Gutenprint Print Driver

Gutenprint (aka GIMP-Print) is an Open Source print driver developed to increase the control you have over your network or USB attached printer. I’d suggest reading up on it’s features — there are a LOT of them — to fully understand what this 3rd Party driver can do. One of its many features happens to be an extended list of Page Size options from the get go. After installing the Gutenprint driver and creating a printer in the Printer Setup Utility, open your document in InDesign and select Print. In the Print Dialogue window, in the Setup dialogue you will see an expanded list of size in the Page Size drop-down menu. Hopefully, one of these will work for you. If not, just follow the above directions to create a custom page size but use the Gutenprint driver to print with, where in the Printer Dialogue window you will find a greatly expanded list of Printer Features.