Freeware Friday: Photo to Sketch

Regular Feature: Freeware Friday

How many times have you ever wanted to get your friends’ or family members’ photo to look like a drawing?

Whether you do desktop publishing or not, you probably had to deal with graphics at some point, maybe to create a personalized birthday card or just to do something fun. One of the nice things that can be done is to get a photo to look like a sketch, just to give it that taste, that… something to add personality to it. You can of course use progams like Photoshop, but for the occasional user it’s bound to be a little too much both in costs and in learning curve.

When talking about obtaining a sketch from a photo, Photo to Sketch is usually enough for the occasional user with its various options. You can make several types of sketches which simulate pens, pencils, pastels and brushes.

Image from Thinker Software

Download Photo to Sketch from Thinker Software.