Illustrator CS3: What’s New? Lots!

New Interface

The entire CS3 suite has a more standardized user interface. Workspace panels that dock and group allow users to customize working spaces for different tasks. These can be as a preset and recalled later. With improved tool visibility and better performance, working is easier and more efficient. Panels can be collapsed and reduced to icon view are featured across the CS3 family of applications.

Live Color

Live Color is a total color environment that not only lets you choose colors for an object; it lets you apply colors to Live Paint groups, changing a whole color scheme at once. Experiment and explore colors by creating harmonious color schemes based on 23 color-harmony rules such as Complementary, Monochromatic, Analogous and more. Choose a base color, and then choose rules to see the combinations. Limit color schemes to existing libraries like PANTONE solids or any set of colors you have saved in another project. Find a color scheme you like? You can now save not only individual colors in the swatches but entire color groups as well to use over and over again.

Color GuideColor Guide

The Live Color dialog box lets you preview changes in your illustration live, letting you shift the entire tone of the image at once. Just as easily you can adjust one single color. If you reduce the number of colors in your artwork, Illustrator automatically remaps the color to your objects based on your defined parameters.

With the color wheel and color harmonies users can explore endless varieties of color no matter what media in which your artwork is destined to be published.

Live ColorLive Color

Layers Palette

Small stripes of color now show the colors of the layer’s selection edges. You don’t even have to click to see it—you’ll see it at a glance.

Layers paletteLayers palette