Xara Day: Using the Bevel Tool in Xara Xtreme

Xara Day


The Bevel Tool allows you to interactively add a bevel to an edge of an object giving depth and shape. Because Xara Xtreme’s bevel tool is totally resolution-independent, it adds bevels that are completely scaleable without losing quality, and they remain editable even after you’ve saved and closed the file.

A bevel added to an object gives the object a three-dimensional appearance rather than that of a flat object. It adds shape and depth. One of the best things about Xara Xtreme’s bevels is that because they’re resolution-independent, they can be scaled larger or smaller without losing quality. They can also be edited or even removed even after you have saved and closed the file, as long as you have saved the file in Xara Xtreme’s native .XAR format.

How to Apply an Interactive Bevel

Draw any object in Xara Xtreme. Choose the Bevel Tool from the Main Toolbar, and you’ll see bevel size arrows, and the cursor will turn into a bevel cursor. Drag the handles to add the bevel. Dragging outward adds an outer bevel; dragging inward adds an inner bevel.

bevel tool