How To: Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in CorelDraw X3

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Everyone has their own method of working in CorelDraw X3, and that means that the keyboard shortcuts that ship with the program might not be the shortcuts that work best for your workflow. Here’s how to set your own custom keyboard shortcuts.

Custom keyboard shortcuts can make a big difference in the way you work in CorelDraw. Because you need a document open in CorelDraw X3 to open the options, start a new document (File > New). Then go to Tools > Customization to open the customization dialog.

customizeCustomization dialog

The customization page is already open for you; choose Commands from the list. Then open the Shortcuts Key tab. From the popup menu chose the menu you want to alter.

Choose CommandsChoose Commands from the popup menu

Highlight any entry in the list to see what the current shortcut is. I highlighted File > New, and the keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + N.

File - NewOpen the Shortcuts Keys tab

I happen to like that shortcut; it is consistent with other Windows programs so I don’t want to change it. You are probably aware that pulling down menus in the program shows the keyboard shortcuts, if there are any, right beside the menu item.

What I would like a shortcut for is New From Template, and the menu shows there is no shortcut for this command. Highlighting that entry in the customize dialog confirms it: there is no shortcut for the New From Template command. To set a new shortcut, type the new shortcut the same as if you would if you were using it. I tried Ctrl + S which we all know is the keyboard shortcut for the Save command so I can show you what happens if you try and use a shortcut that is already assigned.
In the Currently Assigned To box, it now says “Save”.

currently assigned to boxCurrently Assigned

If you really want to assign Ctrl + S to New From Template, you can go ahead and click the Assign button; if you do, make sure you check the “Navigate to Conflict on Assign” box so “Save” will open and let you assign a new keyboard shortcut to the Save command.

However, you probably won’t want to do that since Ctrl + S is a universal command for saving in windows programs, and thus easy to remember. Instead, place your cursor after Ctrl + S in the New Shortcut Key box and use the backspace key to backspace over it to remove it from the box. (Note: I know it makes sense to think you can highlight the entry and hit the Delete key, but all that does is add Delete to the list of keys used in the keyboard shortcut.)

Now type your second choice for the new keyboard shortcut. This time I chose Shift + Ctrl + N, and since there is no key assigned to that shortcut, I can click the Assign button.

shift + ctrl + NNew shortcut key

The new shortcut appears in the “Current Shortcut Keys” box. Click OK to set the new shortcut and exit the dialog. If you pull down the File Menu now, you’ll see your new keyboard shortcut listed beside New From Template.

new shortcutCurrently Assigned Box

Another handy tip is inside the customization dialog is a View All button. Clicking this button opens a window with a list of all of the keyboard shortcuts for CorelDrawX3. From here you can export the list in .CSV format for opening in a database program, or click the Print button to print the list for reference.

View AllPrint a list of shortcut keys

CorelDraw X3 has lots of opportunities for customization. For more information, open CorelDraw Help and type “customization” into the search box.

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