Xara Day: Using the Xara Picture Editor

Xara Day on D:Illustration

Xara Xtreme’s right-hand man the Xara Picture Editor—or XPE for short—gives you Xtreme control over bitmap handling in and out of Xara Xtreme

This month for Xara Day we will take a look at Xara’s Picture Editor, a nice little bitmap editor that works with Xara Xtreme to give you more control over bitmap images than you thought possible with a vector program. The Xara Picture Editor (hereafter known as the XPE) lets you edit any bitmap with all of the most commonly used bitmap editing tools. It has a one-click auto enhancement tool, redeye removal, crop and rotate tools, and exposure and color correction tools. It also uses Live Effects.

The XPE is intended to be an enhancement (and replacement) of the Windows Picture Viewer, so they have made it look very similar to the viewer. At present it is only available as part of Xara Xtreme. It has its own web page at Xara where you will find examples and lots of information on the features.

Opening the XPE

You can invoke the XPE several ways:

1. When the program was installed, a shortcut was placed on your desktop. Double click the shortcut and a browse box will open allowing you to choose a photo to edit. Double click on the file you wish to edit and the XPE will open.

2. From the Start Menu choose All Programs > Xara > XPE. A browse box will open allowing you to choose a photo to edit. Double click on the file you want to edit and the XPE will open.

3. Double clicking on a bitmap that is already open in Xtreme also opens the XPE.

4. With a bitmap image selected on the page, go to Utilities > Xara Picture Editor.

5. You can add the XPE to your Start menu. On the desktop, right click on the XPE icon and choose Pin to Start Menu. Now you can reach it quickly from the Start Menu.

Editing Features of the XPE

Open the XPE by any of the methods described above. The image is in the window, and there is a toolbar below the image. What you see on the tool bar depends on how you opened the image. The XPE in this screenshot was opened from the desktop icon.

XPEThe Xara Picture Editor