Photoshop World, Day 2–3: Photo Gallery

psw1Jeff Schewe, teaching at the Peachpit Press theater on the trade show floor.

psw2Terry White, teaching at the Adobe booth on the trade show floor. Adobe provided some good sessions during Photoshop World, and not all of them were CS3 promos.

psw3Fay Sirkis teaching Painter and photopainting. Despite Painter’s power and great features, it’s not as ubiquitous as Photoshop—but a lot of attendees wanted to learn more about it, and Fay made it look easy and fun.

psw4John Nack, Photoshop’s Senior Product Manager, ran some training sessions at the Adobe booth.

psw5The “Art of Digital Photography” event was a unique look at the work of seven great photographers. Left to right: Jim DiVitale, Joe McNally, Moose Peterson, John Paul Caponigro, Vincent Versace, Joe Glyda, Jay Maisel.

psw6One of the teams at Photoshop Wars. The event had three teams of two, each taking five minutes to make a poster in head-to-head competition. The results were (in my opinion) lousy, partly because of the timeframe but also because no team did anything noteworthy. The winning team had a poster consisting of two photos (one in overlay mode) and a type layer with the text off the page….

psw7The trade show floor. Note Dave Cross and his daughter Stephanie (who announces the Photoshop TV episodes).

psw7Attendees waiting patiently for Julieanne Kost’s session on compositing. This was one of the more sparsely attended of Thursday’s sessions. Click the image to see a larger (and uncropped) panorama.

psw7The crowd at the Photoshop Wars, the last event at Photoshop World. I heard the room had a 1,000-person capacity, and that was clearly blown away. We could have fit more in if they removed the back wall, but the convention center crew said it would take two hours to move—and the event organizers didn’t give the heads-up in time. Click the image to see a much larger (and uncropped) panorama.