Photoshop CS3 Easter Egg: A Bruce Fraser Tribute

Beloved community member celebrated in interesting Splash-screen easter egg

The first Photoshop CS3 Easter Egg has been found, and it’s a witty tribute to a recently-lost member of the graphic design tribe.

Bruce Fraser, well-known color expert and respected Photoshop pioneer, passed away in 2006. He has been memorialized by the current developers in a cleverly-hidden way in the CS3 release. To find Bruce, you have to go to the “ALT-splash” screen.

Red PillLet’s take the red pill, and see how far down the rabbit hole goes.

Finding Bruce

To see Bruce, here’s what you do (Mac-Specific instructions):

  • Bring up the “ALT-Splash” screen by holding down (on the Mac) ALT-CMD whilst selecting Photoshop>About Photoshop from the Menu Bar. The “ALT-Splash” screen will appear, identifyng Photoshop CS 3 by its development code-name, “Red Pill”.
  • Take a screenshot (with either Shift-CMD 3 for a full screenshot or Shift-CMD-4 for a section of the screen).
  • Load this screenshot into Photohsop CS3.
  • Open the Levels command dialog (Menu Bar>Image>Adjustments>Levels). Grab the Input Black Point slider, a small black triangle stop found at the lower left-hand corner of the Input Levels histogram, and slide it all the way over to the right.
  • Watch Bruce appear.

Bruce in the MachineBruuuce!

See the Kitty Paws?

Another image that can be found in the Red Pill splash image is the pawprints of the Electric Kitty. This feline, a feature of Photoshop easter eggs for many versions now, is just visible in the Red Pill image itself. Using levels, you can see him a bit better, and also see his pawprints. With the screenshot still loaded:

  1. Reset the Levels dialog (hold down the OPT key; the “Cancel” will change to a “Reset” button. Keep the OPT key held down and click the “Reset” button
  2. This time, hold of the Input White Point slider (which should be at the lower right-hand corner of the Input Level histogram) and heave it all the way to the right.
  3. You’ll see the kitty in the pill a bit better, and his pawprints will appear in lurid red in amongst the credits.

Kitty PawsDarn Cat walked across my work again…

HT to Photoshop News for uncovering this gem.