Photoshop CS2/CS3 and Flash Updates Address Security Threat

The updates, recommended for all users, prevent injection of malicious code

Adobe have announced the release of patches intended to safeguard users from recently-identified vulnerabilities in Photoshop CS2/CS3 and Adobe Flash Player.

Simply put the flaw works thusly: Malicious code can be embedded within certain image format files (BMP, DIB, RLE, or PNG for PS or Flash for the Flash player). This code could possibly take advantage of these weaknesses in Photoshop and Flash Player to take control of the host system simply by opening these files for editing or display.

Adobe recommends that users of all platforms download and install patches detailed in these security advisories: This one for Photoshop, and this one for Flash Player. Users can also run the applications and have Adobe Updater check for any available updates.

Patches are provided for Windows as well as Macintosh versions.