Wacom Releases A Smaller Cintiq

Early this month, Wacom released two new Cintiq models to accompany their long-standing Cintiq 21UX, a 21-inch monitor/pen tablet:

  • The Cintiq 20WSX, a 20″ widescreen monitor/pen tablet for $1,999
  • The Cintiq 12WX, a 12″ monitor/pen tablet for $999

Wacom has bumped up its presence in the industry lately with a new Web site, restyled tablets to celebrate their 25th anniversary, and now the Cintiq announcement. The company has always had a place in the Photoshop industry as the premiere supplier of pen tablets, and I think these cheaper Cintiq monitors will be more popular than its big brother and give Wacom an even greater foothold.