About: Designorati:Photoshop

D:Photoshop strives to be a well-written source of news, information and techniques for intermediate and advanced users of Photoshop. Users who have a few years of Photoshop experience and a good grasp of its basic tools and tactics will benefit from this ongoing source of production techniques, step-by-step tutorials, reviews of upcoming Photoshop-related products and industry news.

There are four sections to D:Photoshop:

Techniques, which includes articles on specific Photoshop tools and techniques and how they affect an image.

Tutorials, which include step-by-step applications of Photoshop tools and techniques that can unlock your productivity and capabilities in real-world production situations.

Reviews, thorough commentary on the Photoshop products hitting the market this moment, including books, videos and other media, hardware and software.

News on current events in the Photoshop industry.