Margulis Drops Photoshop CS2 In Favor Of CS

Color-correction guru quits using Adobe’s latest version, citing poor Bridge performance.

Dan Margulis, inaugural inductee into the Photoshop Hall of Fame and one of the world’s foremost color-correction experts, recently announced that, “while [Adobe Photoshop] CS2 is a usable program,” beginning August 1 he reverted back to using its predecessor, Photoshop CS, due to poor performance with the new standalone application Adobe Bridge combined with a less-than-phenomenal set of new features for this most recent upgrade.

In Margulis’ semiannual newsletter, sent to more than 1,000 Photoshop and print professionals on August 15, he basically outlined how in his previous newsletter he had cautioned users “in acquiring software that involves the type of software protection (a.k.a. activation) that was introduced for Photoshop CS (Windows only) and now afflicts all Creative Suite apps on both platforms,” as well as recommending those itching to upgrade to monitor reactions to Bridge, hinting that beta versions of Bridge suggested “there might be serious issues with speed and stability in the shipping product.”

“…the most buginfested piece of major software that the industry has seen since Quark 4.0.0.”

Margulis’ reaction to the activation conundrum was mixed, noting that “it seems that at least half the users [of the PC version] are never bothered by [activation].” But he also pointed out that this meant the remainder of users encountered spontaneous deactivations occasionally and in ten percent of cases a frequent activation malfunction that made the application not worth using. As for Mac users, “either nobody is moving from Photoshop CS to CS2 or else the activation is working well, because I am not aware of any complaints.” Score one for Mac addicts.

As for Bridge, well… “the most buginfested piece of major software that the industry has seen since Quark 4.0.0.” Ouch. Margulis cited several glitches and performance issues, including:

  • Slow performance on many operating systems
  • Loss of cache data
  • Frequent crashing
  • Bugs and errors when dragging and dropping image icons, including complete loss of image files

Being a beta-tester for Adobe, Margulis received a free copy of Photoshop CS2, but stated he would not have bought it himself because of stability concerns with Bridge as well as the activation procedure, “because I am so frequently without access to the Internet” that is required to activate. Margulis used CS2 at his home from February until August, at which time he downgraded to CS for all future work. “The performance hit with Bridge is just too severe to be compensated for by the other new features of CS2.” Margulis did add that he would keep CS2 for specific tools, including Camera Raw, the Surface Blur filter and new perspective tools.

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