New For CS2: Increase The Type Size In Your Palettes

A welcome addition to those squinting at their palettes

Figure 1: UI Font Size in the CS2 preferences box.

On the General pane of the new Photoshop CS2 preferences is the UI Font Size drop-down menu (Figure 1), which allows you to specify the type size in all palettes (sorry, you can’t change the size in the menu bar at the top of the screen). This is a new addition very helpful to those with poor eyesight or those who use high-resolution displays with a lot of pixels.

Figure 2 is the Info palette with small text…

…Figure 3 with medium text…

…and Figure 4 with large text.

I notice there’s not much difference between medium and large sizes, and the large palette is only one pixel larger than the medium palette.

Some of us have monitors that can display at a higher screen resolution, but we never wanted to use those extra pixels because it would make the palettes and other text hard to read. Now we have a way to bump up the type size and gain a lot more screen real estate. Try it out!