Where Architecture Meets The Sky, You Get Type

Seen on various blogs and sites today (amongst them, Mirage Studios, Dezeen, and mentioned by John Nack), a series of photographs taken by German art student Lisa Reinermann has gotten notice.

Section of Architectural Alphabet

It’s a series of photographic prints, bound, in book form, show the alphabet defined as patches of sky outlined by building roof lines. Quoting dezeen’s translation of the text on the blog Slanted, a German-language site which debuted the collection:

I was in a kind of courtyard in Barcelona. I looked upward and saw houses, the blue sky and clouds. The more I looked, I saw that the houses formed a letter Q”…She then set out to find more letterforms, spending weeks only looking upwards. The more difficult letters such as Q and K were the easiest to find, she says, but admits that PhotoShop helped here and there.

We know not at this point whether or not this volume is available for purchase.