The Gallery Of Regrettable Type: We’ll Pass On This Party

Contributor Jeff Marshall sends along this example of a party for the eyes, proving, sometimes, too much is indeed more than enough:

Florida's natural package

All those type sizes! All those colors! I was still drowsy from sleep when I looked at that; that scene of the two all-fruit fruit juice nugget factory workers fleeing in terror from the explosion at the factory cleared that up. I just hope they made it out okay. Reuters, are you on this one?

Type wise, while we wouldn’t say the type choices on this are inappropriate, there’s just something that’s much too much about this one. Maybe it’s the combination of embowed type and slanted type and unless it’s bowed with the brand name, the type really isn’t working with each other. It’s just a big chaos. There ought to be some way of dialing this back just a bit while still keeping it a riot for the eyes. How that would work, we’ll leave as an exercise for our readers.

Remember, if that type puts a tear in your eye, we want to see it too (just accept it). Thanks be to Jeff for his submission; your submssions be to here!.