Are You Down With Adobe Font Installation? Thomas Phinney Wants To Know.

Is the way Adobe Creative Suite installs new versions of fonts your cup of coffee? Thomas Phinney wants to hear from you on this.

What we’re concerned about is overwrite behavior. Up to and including the CS3 applications, we have always blindly overwritten any identically-named font files with the versions in the installer. Usually this results in newer fonts being installed over older ones. On some occasions, this could have some kind of compatibility impact. We expect noticeable document reflow to be very rare, but doubtless it will happen in some cases.

His post on his blog, Typblography, is here. It’s a concern of ours as well, because we’ve experienced the problem he cites down the article a bit from there.

The survey is short and won’t take much time, and there is ample opportunity for comment. You can find the link at the end of the post linked above, or if you just love surveys and want to get to it, go here. Adobe is famously attentive to user concerns, and whenever Adobe asks us our opinion, we give it, and so should you.