Small Is Beautiful with Atomic Media

Digital Typefounder creates and markets bitmap fonts especially for web media

HypersignaA sample of Matthew Bardram’s Hypersigna font, available at Atomic Media

Need a font for a Flash, Web, or WAP application that will stay sharp at small sizes? Hunting for a bitmap font to give a certain presentation feel, perhaps retro? Atomic Media may have just what you’re looking for.

Especially designed for such applications and also meant to stay sharp at small sizes, Atomic Media offers fonts by Matthew Bardram, Miguel Hernández, and the legendary Susan Kare. All fonts also have outline forms provided so that they can be used in print applications.

Available by the single font at prices ranging from $19-$39, and in font multi-packs (for those who just can’t decide) priced at $99, Atomic Media demonstrates that bitmap font design has just as much creative punch and possiblilty as vector–and opens up intriguing design possiblities for print as well as the Web.