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99 Free Valentine’s Day Fonts

99 Ways to Type I Love You

Download fonts individually below, or download all 99 in a single 2.75MB Zip archive.

NOTE: Fonts are all TrueType format, compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. To convert them for Mac OS 9 and below, download this free utility: TTConverter15.hqx.


101HangYourHeart (90,864 bytes)


101HeartCatcher (89,400 bytes)


101HeartFramed (181,972 bytes)


101HeartStringZ (33,972 bytes)


101LoveGarden (32,668 bytes)


101LovePoP (52,912 bytes)


101SWAK (140,480 bytes)


101WalkinHeart (29,504 bytes)


4MyLover (36,072 bytes)


ALLHEART (48,992 bytes)


Angel (33,648 bytes)


Aosval_2 (16,692 bytes)


Apheart (8,436 bytes)


BeMyValentine (85,812 bytes)


CandyHeart (80,448 bytes)


CandyKiss (43,968 bytes)


CLBValentine (49,824 bytes)


CoffeeTalk1 (34,488 bytes)


CountryHearts (51,888 bytes)


CraftopiaLove (26,884 bytes)


Cupid (45,460 bytes)


Cupids (109,132 bytes)


DeepLove1 (138,688 bytes)


DJLove (42,536 bytes)


FancyHeartScript (68,436 bytes)


FiolexGirls (78,228 bytes)


FLHeartDark (100,696 bytes)


FlowerHeart (77,140 bytes)


fts12 (51,068 bytes)


GabrielsAngels (195,720 bytes)


HAfont (217,084 bytes)


hamlake (87,876 bytes)


HamLakeRegular (37,396 bytes)

Adobe InDesign Celebrates a Decade of Publishing Innovation


SAN JOSE, Calif., — March 9, 2010 — Launched in late 1999 and created as a successor to Adobe® Pagemaker® software, Adobe InDesign® revolutionized the publishing industry with its unrivalled technology and features. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Adobe is releasing a commemorative book titled “Page by Page: 10 Years of Designing with Adobe InDesign” that highlights the product’s evolution and features designers who have helped make InDesign a success. The PDF version of the book is available on and the limited edition print version will be available through Blurb in mid-April. Additionally, to mark the occasion, the company will be releasing 10 new InDesign tips and tricks video tutorials on Adobe TV.

Rapid Innovation in an Evolving Market
As publishing evolves, Adobe continues to lead the industry, revolutionizing how creative professionals design and produce publications. Entering its second decade, InDesign is poised to change the publishing industry again, allowing designers and production professionals to deliver page layouts beyond traditional print to online media and mobile devices, including eBook readers, smart phones and a new generation of tablet devices due later this year. Adobe has changed the course of desktop publishing with InDesign, giving creative professionals the freedom to create what once seemed impossible and to extend delivery of engaging documents to more than one channel.

“Page by Page: 10 Years of Designing with Adobe InDesign”
Designed to provide an inside look at the company’s stewardship in moving publishing from print to digital solutions, the 10th anniversary book examines the role of InDesign and the InDesign Family in transforming the layout and editorial workflow at agencies, corporate publishers and traditional publishers worldwide. The book also details the evolution of InDesign from its public debut in 1999 to today and includes sample work created by designers for publications such as Marie Claire, publishers like Condé Nast, and cutting edge design agencies such as Modern Dog and Mucca Design.


  • John Loiacono, senior vice president, Creative Solutions Business Unit at Adobe
    “InDesign took on an entrenched competitor and won through innovation and customers who demanded more from their software. Now InDesign is seen as an essential tool for enabling publishers to deliver in print and build new businesses around digital publications.”
  • Suzanne Sykes, creative director, Marie Claire
    “InDesign was the breakthrough publishing had been waiting for, and Marie Claire was lucky to be one of the first to take advantage of it.”
  • Michael Strassburger, co-founder, Modern Dog
    “As InDesign began to dominate the publication design world, we were nervous that Adobe could become less attentive to its customer base. But it has been exactly the opposite. Adobe has continued working hard to improve InDesign, including actively soliciting customer input.”
  • Matteo Bologna, president, Mucca Design Corporation
    “With the arrival of InDesign, I was finally freed from the weight of QuarkXPress and allowed to just design – and make mistakes thanks to the Multiple Undo feature!”

About Adobe InDesign
Adobe InDesign CS4 software, available for both Mac and Windows®, breaks down the barriers between online and offline publishing. InDesign lets you design, pre-flight and publish a broad range of documents in print, online and mobile devices. Whether you work in a design team or on your own, InDesign has consistently delivered breakthrough features and workflows that simplify page layout so creative professionals, production professionals and print service providers can make quick work of everyday tasks and deliver error-free engaging documents across media.

Helpful Links
Link to InDesign 10th Anniversary Video Tips and Interactive Timeline
InDesign Facebook fan page
Follow InDesign on Twitter
Follow InDesign Gurus Unleashed on Twitter [– ed.]
Links to relevant Adobe TV InDesign CS4 tutorials
Link to Adobe TV

About Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe revolutionizes how the world engages with ideas and information – anytime, anywhere and through any medium. For more information, visit

Design Icon I.D. Magazine Folds After 55 Years in Print

Devastating news for the design world: After 55 years in publication, I.D. Magazine, America’s foremost design publication, has folded.

I.D. was the oldest design magazine in the country, and was the one-time employer of many noteworthy figures, including Bruce Mau. Its yearly design competition, the Annual Design Review, was the oldest and biggest design competition in America, and had been operating ever since I.D.‘s inception. The competition was also the magazine’s cash cow; F&W, I.D.‘s publisher, plans on continuing the event and publishing the results online.

In the course of its publication, the magazine won five National Magazine Awards: For General Excellence in 1995, 1997, and 1999; for Special Interests in 2000; and Design in 1997. That amounted to an astounding haul for a magazine with only 30,000 readers per issue. Nonetheless, I.D. had not turned a profit in seven years, and was beset by competition from shelter magazines and mainstream glossies, which have been aggressively adding design coverage, owing to rising interest in design among mainstream audiences.

Read the complete story on Fast Company.

Nielsen Sells Adweek, Billboard; Folds Editor & Publisher

Nielsen Business Media today announced an agreement to sell to e5 Global Media Holdings, LLC, a new company formed jointly by Pluribus Capital Management and Guggenheim Partners, eight brands in the Media and Entertainment Group, including Adweek, Brandweek, Mediaweek, The Clio Awards, Backstage, Billboard, Film Journal International and The Hollywood Reporter. Simultaneously Editor & Publisher and Kirkus Reviews will be discontinued.

Read the full story.

New DisKeeper 2010

The Only Way to Prevent Fragmentation–Before it Happens

PRESS RELEASE BURBANK, CA, November 18, 2009 –Diskeeper Corporation launched today Diskeeper® 2010 performance software–the only product available today that actually prevents fragmentation before it happens. Utilizing a new revolutionary technology called IntelliWrite™, Diskeeper 2010 intelligently writes files to the disk to prevent up to 85 percent of fragmentation from occurring. Coupled with Diskeeper software’s superior defragmentation technology, Diskeeper 2010 delivers a complete performance solution for every Windows system at every site, and goes far beyond what defragmentation alone can achieve.

The negative effects of file fragmentation have been battled since the invention of the modern computer in an effort to negate its crippling effects on performance and its life-shortening toll on hardware. Originally defragmentation could only be performed manually, and was followed soon by scheduled solutions. Scheduled defrag remained the only solution until fairly recently, when fully automatic defrag came along, giving IT back considerable hours while keeping system performance and reliability consistently maximized. Now fragmentation can be prevented before it occurs.

Diskeeper 2010 takes enterprise network performance far beyond what defrag-only can achieve. Prevention coupled with the advanced features in Diskeeper 2010 makes previously unapproachable levels of system efficiency a reality. Significant savings are achieved reducing energy consumption and cooling–even more than is done with conventional defragmentation.

Diskeeper 2010 with IntelliWrite prevents the majority of fragmentation before it even happens and for any fragmentation that does occur, Diskeeper 2010 utilizes the most powerful defragmentation engines created to rapidly handle any remaining fragmentation with zero impact on system resources. Diskeeper 2010 also optimizes file placement for fast access utilizing its I-FAAST® technology. Diskeeper 2010 is the only complete solution for eliminating the harmful and costly effects of fragmentation.

“I am very impressed with Diskeeper 2010, particularly the IntelliWrite feature. I do a lot of speech recognition, and noticed a big difference, as IntelliWrite addresses fragmentation proactively. This is a major advantage for disk-intensive applications. The performance for achieving proactive fixes vs. reactive was very fast – I noticed a significant shift within one day.” said Joseph L. Marion, Principal at Healthcare Integration Strategies, LLC.

“There are several interesting and useful improvements in Diskeeper 2010, the most important of which is speed,” said David Yohn, Ph.D., Director, Marchi Thermal Systems in Redwood City, California. “Not only does the IntelliWrite technology speed up disk defragmentation since it prevents fragments from occurring, and not only does the software simply perform its functions much faster than did earlier versions, the benefits of improved disk optimization means the systems run faster all the time. Every function seems faster, especially those that use large disk files like PhotoShop or AutoCAD. I was afraid that the IntelliWrite feature might become a system resource hog and slow performance, but the opposite is indeed the fact.”

Key Benefits
The benefits of Diskeeper 2010 include dramatically improved system performance from faster file reads and writes. By curtailing the excessive I/Os associated with fragmentation, wear and tear on the drive is greatly reduced, resulting in extended hardware life. Behind the scenes, free space is consolidated, further reducing the chances of future fragmentation, and the location of the most commonly used files is optimized for faster access. All of this occurs with zero impact on system resources.

Diskeeper 2010 contributes to an enterprise’s “green” initiatives by reducing energy consumption and by lowering overall cost of enterprise operation while enhancing speed and reliability providing an even faster return on investment (ROI). An additional benefit is that data/file replication traffic and storage requirements times caused by technologies which monitor block level data access, such as snapshots, are also significantly reduced.

Diskeeper 2010 with IntelliWrite offers enterprises the powerful, yet easily managed, tools to put fragmentation issues behind them–completely and forever. Diskeeper 2010 is the only way to prevent fragmentation before it happens.

Free 30 day trialware and further information at or call 800-829-6468.

Free Thanksgiving Fonts

Free Thanksgiving Fonts from Designorati

In addition to all the wonderful things in our lives to be thankful for this season—loved ones, health, happiness, and Designorati—we thought you might also like to give thanks for some free* Thansgiving fonts.

Note: Fonts are Windows TrueType format. To convert for Mac OS X and below, download this free utility: TTConverter15.hqx.


101! Punkin Pie 96,364 bytes


4YEOT 160,980 bytes


Chef Turkey 125,624 bytes


Edbindia 72,700 bytes


KR Turkey Time 33,120 bytes


LMS Post-Thanksgiving Shopping 105,528 bytes


LMS Puritan Party Hats 30,032 bytes


Pf_pumpkin-2 37,832 bytes


Pf_turkey_thanksgiving 151,860 bytes


Pf_turkey-2 399,992 bytes


Pilgrim Hats 25,428 bytes


THANKS1 10,584 bytes


Thanksgiving 56,208 bytes

*   All fonts were found on the Internet on websites or newsgroups identifying them as “freeware” and/or “public domain”. Any documentation or “read me”-type files that accompanied the fonts from their sources have been preserved. All files are packaged exactly as they were found. If a font presented here may not be legally distributed via this collection, the author and/or trademark holder is requested to contact us here prepared to establish his/her identity, legal ownership of the material in question, and to request removal of the material from this collection.

And don’t miss the 300+ free Halloween fonts!

300+ Free Halloween Fonts

In honor of this year’s annual fright night, Designorati scoured the globe, peeking into every dark corner, every creepy closet, and under the bed for free Halloween fonts–living or dead. We found over 300 Halloween and Halloween-inspired fonts–and they’re all free!

The header and footer illustrations for this feature were created using only the text and symbol fonts from this collection.

Note: Fonts are Windows TrueType format. To convert for Mac OS X and below, download this free utility: TTConverter15.hqx.


10 Lil’ Ghosts (10,820 bytes)


101! ‘Ween (198,048 bytes)


4YEOHALL (57,560 bytes)


abaddon 25,884 bytes)


acadian 29,964 bytes)


acidic 126,492 bytes)


aftedc__ (35,292 bytes)


agatha 43,124 bytes)


ALCHEM__ (28,004 bytes)


alien 35,032 bytes)


Alien_heads (106,348 bytes)


allembert (18,956 bytes)


Ambrosia (39,068 bytes)


amphi 52,164 bytes)


anglosax (28,568 bytes)


ass 111,884 bytes)


ASTRO (47,424 bytes)


Avalon 44,360 bytes)


ba______ (13,364 bytes)


Badacid 22,528 bytes)


Bad-Seed-Bold (41,288 bytes)


barbw___ (118,916 bytes)


Bartb___ 81,312 bytes)


Barti___ 86,856 bytes)


Bartn___ 84,576 bytes)


batbats 97,980 bytes)


batman 25,924 bytes)


Beat-My-Guest-Regular (30,440 bytes)


BJREDRUM (86,748 bytes)


BJREVOLTA (63,028 bytes)


BJSKRATCH (40,392 bytes)


BJSUGAR (39,096 bytes)


Blackadd (34,004 bytes)


Blackfor (30,424 bytes)


Blades-Regular (21,124 bytes)


blasphem (75,344 bytes)


Blkchcry (56,732 bytes)


BLOBS___ 36,868 bytes)


Bloodfea (62,168 bytes)


bloodgut (46,540 bytes)


Bloodrac (50,120 bytes)


Bloody 45,264 bytes)


Bloody Stump 184,076 bytes)


bmovie (275,208 bytes)


bokonon 82,996 bytes)


BONES 76,360 bytes)


Bones2 292,780 bytes)


bos 52,172 bytes)


Bouh bouh (39,756 bytes)


Buffied 59,560 bytes)

Adobe InDesign CS4 Family Drives Personalized Publishing for Historic Print on Demand Book, The Obama Time Capsule


SAN JOSE, Calif. – May 21, 2009 – Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced that Adobe® InDesign® CS4 Server software, Adobe’s automated engine for professional page composition, is powering automated layout and rendering of the The Obama Time Capsule as part of an innovative HP solution for personalized, print-on-demand publishing. The historic, illustrated coffee table book is published by Rick Smolan, creator of the renowned “A Day in the Life” photography book series, utilizing HP technology. The book, which purchasers are invited to personalize, celebrates President Barack Obama’s journey to the White House and his first 100 days in office. Beginning today, it is available exclusively on

The Obama Time Capsule blends professionally produced and user-generated content by using an intuitive, web-based interface to allow consumers to combine their own unique photos and text with the professional content.

Automated publishing, exceptional quality

The HP Print on Demand (POD) platform and Adobe InDesign CS4 Server software – integrated into the overall HP POD solution – automatically generate a unique book in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) that is printed using HP Indigo digital presses, bound and finished, and delivered to each customer. Using templates created in Adobe InDesign CS4 software, Adobe InDesign CS4 Server automates the process of professional book design while maintaining exceptional quality, including a full range of creative effects and superior typography and composition.

“The customized Obama Time Capsule books will be as beautifully produced as the coffee table books seen on bookstore shelves today, yet each will reflect the creator’s own story and experiences,” said Will Eisley, director, product management for Design Segment at Adobe. “Adobe InDesign CS4 and Adobe InDesign CS4 Server are helping people express their ideas in rich and unique ways by enabling them to create their own personally meaningful books, without creative compromise. We are proud to provide key enabling technology for HP’s Print-on-Demand platform, and to be an integral part of this exciting project celebrating the run-up to the election and the first 100 days of the Obama presidency.”

“The Obama Time Capsule showcases how customization can bring personal value to books”, said Andrew Bolwell, director of new business initiatives for HP. “With Adobe’s support, we’ve been able to bring this key feature to life and create a new class of books for the consumer, enabled by print on demand.”

About Adobe InDesign CS4 Server

Adobe InDesign CS4 Server is a key component of many of the world’s leading automated publishing solutions, allowing publishers to replace manual processes and create new content and revenue streams. It can be integrated into publishing solutions using standard development tools, providing a robust, flexible, and scalable engine for professional page composition. While it saves time and effort, InDesign CS4 Server offers all the capabilities of the latest desktop version of Adobe InDesign CS4 software in a server-based environment. As a result, Adobe partners and in-house development teams can build solutions that combine all of the professional design, layout, and typographic capabilities of the desktop software with the power and efficiency of server-driven automation. Templates for automated publishing solutions powered by InDesign CS4 Server are created using InDesign CS4.

About Adobe InDesign CS4 Software

InDesign CS4 software breaks down the barriers between online and offline publishing. The application enables creation of compelling print layouts, immersive content for playback in the Adobe Flash® Player runtime, and interactive PDF documents. For more information on the Adobe InDesign CS4 family of products, please visit:

For more information on the book, please visit:

About Adobe Systems Incorporated

Adobe revolutionizes how the world engages with ideas and information – anytime, anywhere and through any medium. For more information, visit