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PORTLAND, Ore.—26 Sept., 2005—, today Designorati launched Designorati:Photoshop with editor Jeremy Schultz. D:Photoshop makes the tenth Topic for Designorati, and we have several others in development.

Speaking to the intermediate to advanced Photoshop user, D:Photoshop will cover subjects and techniques for experienced pixel pushers with at least a few years of time working in the world’s greatest image editor. General articles, including reviews of upcoming Photoshop-related products and industry news, will be of interest to pixel pushers and digital imagers of all skill levels.

The focus of Designorati:Photoshop is not the application, but the user. Few creative professionals in any field can get by without editing pixel-based images, and Photoshop is the pre-eminent pixel-based image editor.

According to Designorati:Photoshop editor Jeremy Schultz, other, under-covered and under-valued tools and techniques will also become the focus of Designorati:Photoshop. “ImageReady is actually an interesting little program few know much about; everyone owns it but not many use it to its potential,” and Designorati:Photoshop will be covering ImageReady, as well professional uses for other image-handling tools like the Adobe Bridge, and Photoshop Album.

Jeremy will be joined by the majority of Team:Designorati, who all use Photoshop and its brethren on the job.

Designorati is very excited to welcome D:Photoshop to the line up of Topics in the 360&176; View of the Creative World.

About Designorati

Designorati ( strives to achieve a 360-Degree View of the Creative World by covering all areas of interest to the creative professions and creative culture. Designorati is published by Pariah S. Burke, the creator and editor-in-chief of Quark VS InDesign (, and the creator and former editor of the Design Weblog, the Magazine Design Weblog, and the (Unofficial) Photoshop Weblog for Weblogs, inc.

Team:Designorati members are located throughout the United States and around the world. Their bios and credentials are available at .

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  1. Great! This should be a great addition to an already spectacular site. Photoshop is an amazing software and it’s a never ending learning process! Can’t wait to see what you guys bring to light.

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