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SEO Warrior has one of the more militant titles of most industry books I’ve reviewed, with a stern Eleonora’s falcon on the cover. The title and image foreshadows the rigorous material between the covers, for SEO Warrior is a book for advanced users wanting to learn more about search engine optimization (SEO). I’ve reviewed several books on the topic, and some that I would consider for advanced users only, and SEO Warrior stands out for some very advanced techniques that will be found in it.

There are some drawbacks to the book, however. Despite its 2010 publication date, a few new search engines such as Bing.com are mentioned but not really looked at in depth due to unfortunate timing. This is not normally a big deal—every book in our industry misses something due to ever-changing technology—but other books published in the same year did get Bing.com explained more fully. SEO Warrior is also quite technical and can be tough for beginners and intermediate users to digest. This book really is for experienced SEO professionals.

SEO Warrior does distinguish itself for its thoroughness and also its big-picture overview of the general SEO techniques. My review of The Art of SEO pointed out that that book didn’t have much focus on the basic tenets of SEO, but SEO Warrior doesn’t fall into that trap. I think there could be more, because I think basic things such as writing good content constitute the majority of a website’s SEO success, but the book is well-balanced as is.

SEO Warrior
John I. Jerkovic
Published by O’Reilly
Rating: 8/10